Safety documents and T&C files

Here at Angelic Photo, your safety and the safety of your guests is incredibly important. The files below contain information about the following.....

Our electrical equipment is tested and checked regularly with a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate being updated annually. For your peace of mind we also carry £5million worth of PLI (Public Liability Insurance) which safeguards us and you against any damage alongside £10million worth of ELI (Employer's Liability Insurance) which is how our staff (if applicable) are taken care of should any accidents happen. The RAMS (Risk Assessment/Method Statement) form tells you that we've thoroughly thought through (try saying that quickly) all aspects of the way we work from setting up to taking down, from training to trip hazards. Finally the logistics file contains all sorts of information about the sizes and requirements of our various photobooths if you're having one. It's all pretty standard stuff but fundamentally part and parcel of what you should expect from a business supplying anything for your event.

We urge you to share this page with your venue, coordinator and anyone else you feel might benefit from these files - please feel free to point them in the direction of this page. This is important as your venue or coordinator will be able to advise whether or not we're able to gain access and have the basics that we need to operate - we won't be held liable for any problems arising from a lack of communication with your venue or coordinator.

If you have any problems accessing these, or if they're not up to date (around renewal time it may take us a couple of days to obtain the documents at our end) then give us a shout.

PAT certificate - the electrical safety stuff

PLI (Public Liability) certificate - the insurance stuff to cover you and us

ELI (Employer's Liability) certificate - the insurance stuff to cover our staff

RAMS form - the how we like to do stuff, stuff

Logistics info - important reading to make sure we fit with your venue

Terms and Conditions - light, bedtime reading that sets out our responsibilities