Hi there, we're Georgie and Rich.....

…..a husband-and-wife wedding photography dream team based in Leicestershire but working all across the UK.  Founded in the year 2000 (yeah, do the maths, I know he doesn’t look old enough but it’s true!) when Rich started photographing weddings and other social events with his friend, Jon.  Georgie stepped in to fill Jon’s boots a few years later after he moved down to London to pursue a career in the film industry, and she’s been working alongside Rich ever since.  We met in 2004, married in 2007 and have four beautiful (if I say so myself) children – one of the biggest reasons we do this.  The other big reason is, of course, to spread the love and give as many couples as possible across the Midlands and beyond incredible quality wedding photos with a customer service to match.  Capturing every wedding in our own relaxed style means that we can bring out the very best in you and your guests – after all, if people are faced with an overbearing, grumpy, shouting photographer then you’re not likely to get very good photos!

One of the most common comments we receive is along the lines of how we just fitted into the day so well, almost like giving cameras to two friends rather than ‘hiring two photographers’.  These sorts of comments warm our cockles as we love getting involved on the day, always going the extra mile to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible – after all, with two decades’ experience under our belts we’d kind of like to think we know what we’re doing!

On the day you’ll very often find Georgie helping the bridesmaids along and ensuring everyone has what they need, she’s been known to sew brides into dresses, chauffeur the bride and groom’s children and/or parents (even the bride once when the car didn’t turn up!).  Rich, meanwhile, can usually be found showing the groomsmen how a bow tie is tied, as well as pinning on buttonholes, opening pockets and, on one occasion, driving to the bride’s parents’ house because she’d “forgotten her big pants….”

One thing we talk about a lot, especially at wedding exhibitions, is how critical it is how well you get on with your photographers.  Out of all the suppliers for your wedding, on the day we’re the ones spending the most time with you – from when the makeup goes on in the morning right up until your feet are sore from dancing.  Often, we’re the last point of wedding contact you’ll have too, it’s a position of great responsibility for us so it’s important that we’re all on the same wavelength.  That’s why we both strive to just be ‘nice people’, weddings are happy occasions and with the wrong photographers you’ll find they’re also tedious.  So, take time to get to know whoever you’re thinking of booking, never book on price alone as the sting of poor-quality lasts long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

Hopefully by now you will have gotten the message that we don’t take ourselves very seriously, two things we *do* take very seriously indeed though are you, our gorgeous couples, and the photographs we provide.  Relaxed, natural, documentary, photojournalistic, traditional – friendly, fun, professional – all words that can (and have) been used to describe us and the way we work.  Learn a little more about each of use below, have a gander at some of our favourite pics and look through some full day highlight galleries.  If you fancy getting in touch then head down to the bottom and fill in the form, if you fancy a chat or arranging a meeting/zoom call then let us know, we don’t bite and there’s never any obligation at all – we’re photographers, not salespeople after all.

Now, I appreciate that we sound like a right odd bunch, but honestly – we’re not!  Fundamentally we like to think that we’re just lovely people trying to make our own honest way through this mixed-up world whilst trying to keep our children fed!  Every day we feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what we do, meeting lovely new people in an incredibly happy and joyous setting.  It’s stressful, it’s hard work, it can be an organisational nightmare, but it’s beautiful, it’s rewarding, it’s incredible fun and it’s an honour.

a group of people standing next to a person in a suit and tie

More about Georgie

Georgie is very much the organisational whizz behind Angelic Photo – she’s the one you’ll have the most contact with before the big day as she prepares booking forms, replies to emails, picks up the phone and generally does her best to make our couples feel at ease with us.  On the day she’ll be nudging the bridesmaids or groomsmen along so you don’t have to worry about them and organising things like any family group photos that you may like – moving wedding guests is much like shepherding cats and Georgie is uncannily good at it!

Likes: Aston Villa (sorry), sleep, our children, Quorn (the food, not the place), and Rich (depends on when you ask her).

Dislikes: people joking about her height, rudeness, meat, Rich (depends on when you ask her).

The photo on the left is a great example of Georgie performing what’s know in the industry as ‘the groom test’ checking our gallant groom, Lee, for bravery, constitution and determination.  Needless to say, he passed!

a person standing in front of a brick wall

Learn about Rich

Rich is much happier blending into the background and letting Georgie be the face of the business, that doesn’t mean he shies away from working hard on the day though!  He’s also the one that goes through all of the photos afterwards, lovingly culling and editing his way to a presentable gallery.  He’s adept at tying up bow ties, pinning on buttonholes, lurking in shrubbery, and getting those lovely natural candid photos that really are the best.  Being the technical one out of the two he’s always setting up flashes and bits for those ‘wow’ photos.

Likes: cycling (even though his ample frame doesn’t reflect that), our family, good coffee and good whiskey.

Dislikes: rudeness, people stepping into the aisle with an iPad, bad coffee and bad whiskey.

Here Rich is shown doing what he does best, hiding in a fireplace.  Sometimes extreme times call for extreme measures!  This particular fireplace is at Kirby Castle and he was capturing a long shot of our bride and groom, Rebecca & Lewis.

Some of our favourite wedding photos

Feel free to have a look at some of our favourite wedding photos below, taking thousands upon thousands of photographs a year means that this is a very difficult task!  Hopefully we’ve put in a little of something for everyone to give you an idea of the broad range of styles we can encompass for you – after all it’s your day, not ours!

Some of our recent weddings

Here are a few of our more recent weddings, not all of the weddings we photograph have an online highlights page like these so if you’re looking for a particular wedding feel free to click through to find more or get in touch if you still don’t see them.

a group of people posing for a photo

Testimonials from some of our previous wedding couples

Angelic Photo were without doubt one of the best suppliers at our wedding. We clicked as soon as we met them at a wedding fayre and felt like they really got us so were absolutely the right photographers for our wedding! On the day, their relaxed approach put us at ease, and we were so glad that having 2 photographers meant those special moments from both our mornings were captured. The photos are exactly what we were after, and they really showed off the venue and all the details we’d put so much thought into. There were some incredibly unique shots in there that others may have missed. We now can’t wait to see the finished album and are sure it will tell the story of our day perfectly. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angelic, thank you!

Lucy & Jamie

Simply outstanding! I haven’t even seen our wedding photos yet, and already know from the few images I was shown on the day, that they will be incredible.  But I think what I most loved about having them as our wedding photographers was that it didn’t feel like we’d paid two people for a service. It felt like we’d given cameras to two friends!  Thank you for adding your own bit of magic to our special day.  I deliberately wanted to leave a review before we even saw one photo, Rich and Georgie were absolutely the most delightful people at our wedding. At the end of the day, a photo is a photo, but having people at your wedding who add love and kindness and humour is absolutely priceless. I would hire Angelic Photos and Photobooth again in a heartbeat. Thank you for absolutely everything.

Stephanie & Craig

When booking our wedding photographer, we went on gut instinct, and this was the best decision we made. We first met Georgie and Rich at a wedding exhibition, and they were the only photographers to spend a lot of time talking to us even though we hadn’t booked our venue yet. We could see how much passion and talent you both had, we knew you would do a great job. On the day Georgie and Rich were amazing, they made everyone feel so relaxed and everyone commented on how lovely you both were. We couldn’t be happier with the photos we have received. They have captured the best parts of a fantastic day through a perfect mix of formal and informal shots.

Heidi & Adam

The wedding photos are out of this world, and you really got some amazing moments. Throughout the day from early morning to midnight Rich was fantastic helping me come into to the church the right time and advising us how to cut the cake. I was always asking him questions and he was always happy to help, this showed he cared. Georgie was also amazing from helping me to carry my dress and the photos she took are incredible. I would highly recommend you guys the service has been spot on from planning the wedding to the end receiving the photos. Always emailing back and happy to help. I can’t thank you enough x

Jenna & Luke

Absolute legends, not only documenting our awesome day, but making sure other elements ran smoothly too. I’ve not met such a hard-working couple, being at our respective hotels from mid-morning and not leaving our sides until well past midnight. They knew not only how to command a crowd of increasingly tipsy guests for group photo opportunities but pulled it off flawlessly! They encouraged us to get creative with our photoshoots, incorporating smoke grenades, sparklers and using some innovative techniques with lighting and fabrics. Clearly these two really have a true understanding of how to get the best out of people.  Some truly incredible, sentimental, heartfelt, and debauchery-ridden moments were captured by this amazing pair! Memories for years and years!  All in all, we cannot recommend and praise Angelic Photo highly enough. Ours may have been one of the many weddings they’ve shot in their career, but to us it felt truly unique and special, as if they were there exclusively for us and our guests…and that feeling is something money can’t buy.

Danielle & Sam

Richard and Georgie were incredible both on the wedding day and in the run up. Nothing was too much for them, including the bride and groom getting ready 30miles apart or the wedding being in York. We gave a long list of photos that we wanted to capture during the day and all of them we got. They fitted in so well with our family and friends and genuinely it was like having 2 extra guests during the day. Everyone has commented on how great they were, bright and friendly, calm and professional. They couldn’t do enough for us but didn’t want anything in return, not even a cup of tea in the morning. We were blown away by the photos. Not just by the quality (unbelievably good) but by the quantity. We have photos from the entire day, the big moments, and the tiny details. Having 2 photographers means we have 2 angles of the big moments, and nothing was missed. We honestly cannot thank you both enough, not just for being with us on our special day but capturing the moments and memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Hayley & Jonathan

The nitty-gritty!

You’ll be pleased to hear that like with everything else we do, when it comes to prices we very much take a no-nonsense approach.  Included with ALL packages below is two photographers (Georgie and Rich) for as much or as little time as you need.  You’ll also get a password-protected gallery with all of the photos downloadable free of charge along with the same images on a custom branded USB stick in a lovely presentation box with some 6″x4″ prints (usually 80-120 or so).  We’re fully insured with Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurances, and any electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested.


  • Two experienced photographers
  • Our undivided attention for the duration
  • Roughly 400-800 professionally edited wedding photos (usually depends on the time booked)
  • Custom USB stick and print box
  • All usable digital files available to download free of charge

The Half Day, £1495

Coverage for half a day, either prep in the morning through until half an hour after the ceremony for any group photos, or ceremony through until half an hour after the first dance.

The Full Day, £1795

Full day coverage from the preparations in the morning through until around half an hour after the first dance.

The Storybook, £1995

Full day coverage as per the Full Day, plus a 30 spread A3 storybook album with room for around 120 photos as picked by you.

The Works, £2295

Full day coverage as per the Full Day, with the addition of coverage all the way through to midnight.  Also includes 10 spread 14″x10″ layflat premium fine art album with room for around 40 photos.

Like what you see?  Got a question? Get in touch!