Nativity Photos

Because of the current situation, St Paul’s is unable to raise funds in the usual way at these nativities by selling drinks, mince pies and so on therefore we thought we’d try to help out a little by offering some photos from the nativities for sale. All proceeds will go directly to the school in January after the deductions of 10% and a nominal print fee if purchasing physical prints (we’re charged 66p, £1.59 and £2.24 commission for 6″x4″, 9″x6″ and 12″x8″ respectively), which is the commission we’re charged as photographers to use the software enabling you to download your photos in a safe and secure manner.

Please, please do consider purchasing and encourage other family members to do the same – ALL profit will be going directly to the school to ensure they can continue to provide the facilities they do for all of our children.

Georgie and I take your privacy and the privacy of your children very seriously, so all photos are behind password protection and can be accessed using the same password as you just have for the videos, they’re all year-specific.

Please make sure any purchases are made before midnight on the 31st December 2020 so that we can sort out the final funds for the school.  Cheers 🙂

The downloadable photos are all of print quality and priced at just £3 each.

Physical prints are available at £4 for a 6″x4″, £6 for a 9″x6″ and £8 for a 12″x8″ print.

Once again ALL profit after the gallery system’s commission will be going directly to the school in January.