All about us.

Grab a cuppa, take a seat, and learn a little more about myself, Georgie and Lauren.  This bit is pretty important as if you’d like to work with us then we’re the people you’ll spend the most time with on the day – often we’re the last point of wedding contact you’ll have too, it’s a position of great responsibility for us so it’s important that we’re all on the same wavelength.

“Fireplace optional”taken by Georgie Budding

I first picked up a camera in my mid-teens whilst at school and took to photography instantly, I’m not going to blather on about how “it’s a great passion of mine” because firstly: everyone else seems to do that, and secondly; I’d like to think it’s pretty self-evident!  I really do enjoy what I do though, it’s great meeting new people week in week out at what are (usually!) very happy occasions.  On the day I’m usually the chap in the background taking photos without you realising, lurking in the shrubbery and getting those lovely, candid, natural moments.  I’m also the one that does all your editing and compiling, basically I’m the technical one.  Together with Georgie, below, I have four beautiful and wonderful children – Alex, Jack, Ben & Fran (Alexandraptor, Mister Jack, Jammin and Francois to their friends) – and that’s why I do what I do.  Rather than buying a CEO’s third house in France you’re helping us to support our children, teach them to swim, play the piano, contribute to steak night (those ribeyes aren’t cheap!)

Likes: swimming, cycling (even though my ample frame doesn’t reflect that), my family, good coffee, good whiskey (Lagavulin or Laphroaig if you’re asking/buying) and meat.

Dislikes: rudeness, people stepping into the aisle with an iPad as the bride and groom are walking back down it (unplugged wedding, people!), bad coffee and bad whiskey.

“Festive Madness”taken by Lauren Barrow

Georgie joined me photographing weddings in about 2007, not using the more conventional route of having formal training and obtaining an apprenticeship, but rather by agreeing (foolishly if you ask me) to marry me.  Since then she’s gradually sunk her claws deeper and deeper into what we do, adding to it in ways that I couldn’t even dream of.  On the day Georgie’s the one to get bossy for any group family photos you’d like.  Dealing with wedding guests is very much akin to shepherding cats and she does an amazing job of getting everyone organised when they’re needed, to make any formal photos as quick and painless as possible for everyone, and then blending back into your guests afterwards.  Georgie’s also the one that sorts out all of our admin (an activity I’ve yet to acquire a taste for) and if you ring up you’ll more than likely get through to her as I’m usually found in our office or workshop.  She’s also the chatty one that everyone gravitates towards at wedding exhibitions, just because she’s so lovely!

Likes: Aston Villa (sorry), sleep, our children, Quorn (the food, not the place – she’s a vegetarian), the iPad and me (depends on which day you ask her).

Dislikes: people joking about her height, rudeness, meat, me (depends on which day you ask her).

“The Dress Fixer”taken by Richard Budding

Lauren’s been helping out around here for a few years, on and off since 2012.  Lauren’s very multi-talented as she second shoots with me in the same capacity as Georgie when we fancy mixing it up, she’s also seen out and about often with our photobooths.  My university friend, Bec, used to work alongside me but a few years back she left to pursue one of her dreams of making wedding cakes for a living and that’s where Lauren has stepped in.  Lauren’s also one of my brother’s old friends – we like working with people we know and trust!  Her favourite parts of a wedding are any parts where I’m making an idiot of myself, which is pretty often, and she’s an ace seamstress having mended several bridesmaid’s dresses and even a couple of bride’s dresses.

Likes: media, universities, bad coffee (regularly frequenting Starbucks), sewing brides into their dresses.

Dislikes: getting up early, coffee worse than Starbucks (?), me not making an idiot of myself.

Now, I appreciate that we sound like a right odd bunch, but honestly – we’re not!  Fundamentally we like to think that we’re just lovely people trying to make our own honest way through this mixed up world whilst trying to keep our children fed!  Every day I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do, meeting lovely new people in an incredibly happy and joyous setting.  It’s stressful, it’s hard work, it can be an organisational nightmare, but it’s beautiful, it’s rewarding, it’s incredible fun and it’s an honour.

Thanks for making it to the end!